Disruption, agility and speed are the cornerstones of digital transformation. We have the Knowledge, the Technology and the Resources to make your company a winner in this race towards the future.


The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech combines know-how in the financial field with process competence to achieve a disruptive approach. 



AXON Insight provides disruptive solutions for the entire Customer Lifecycle Management. Self-learning digital assistance systems support the user with precise recommendations for actions and in real time. The user receives assistance in sales, risk management and fraud prevention. What is unique, is that the solution by AXON Fintech has access to their very own high-quality data about private people, companies, and their networks.


Orchestrated Mobility

At AXON, we see ourselves as provider of technology and concepts for orchestrated mobility. By doing so, AXON enables mobility providers all around the world to develop and implement new services for their customers.


that trust the world of AXON

We accompany a lot of digital transformations of various notable customers from various fields by passing on our knowledge, by supporting them with our technology and by making resources available.
About AXON

Stefan Muff, the internationally successful founder of AXON very much influences the company with his visions of the future. With his lead, AXON produces digital, forward-looking solutions in the business and consumer environment.

AXON as employer
The loyality of our employees is very high, and that is not due to a coincidence. At AXON you get the chance to actively work on digital transformation, more than in any other work place. AXON is an inspiring melting pot of visionaries, lateral thinkers, and future shapers. As a highly dedicated team we aspire to bring visions into reality together.



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